‘You brought honor to the company’ – Media General gifts Paa Kwesi Asare $10k for winning 2023 BBC News Komla Dumor Award

Media General, a prominent media company, has recently recognized and celebrated the remarkable achievement of one of its news presenters, Paa Kwesi Asare. He was honored with a substantial reward of $10,000 for securing the prestigious 2023 BBC News Komla Dumor Award.

The award presentation took place immediately after Paa Kwesi Asare’s appearance on News 360 on TV3, held on Monday, August 21.

During this special occasion, Madam Norkor Duah, a distinguished member of the Board of Directors at Media General, addressed Paa Kwesi Asare with warm words of appreciation and pride.

She lauded his extraordinary feat, highlighting that his accomplishment had brought immense honor not only to Media General but also to the entire nation of Ghana.

Madam Norkor Duah attributed Paa Kwesi Asare’s success to his unwavering dedication, exceptional talent, and, most importantly, the grace of God. She further commended his seven years of continuous growth and professional development within the company.

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She expressed her unwavering confidence in Paa Kwesi Asare, foreseeing a bright future and limitless possibilities as he embarks on his journey with the BBC.

In response to this generous reward and heartfelt recognition, Paa Kwesi Asare expressed his profound gratitude to Media General for the immense trust and support that the company has shown him throughout his career.

He acknowledged the significance of the award and the confidence that his employers have placed in his abilities.

As part of the BBC News Komla Dumor Award, Paa Kwesi Asare will have the opportunity to spend three months collaborating with various BBC News teams in London, contributing to television, radio, and online journalism.

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This invaluable experience will provide him with extensive training, workshops, and mentorship under the guidance of prominent BBC journalists.

Established in 2015, the BBC News Komla Dumor Award is a prestigious accolade created to honor the memory of Komla Dumor, a distinguished BBC World News presenter known for his unwavering commitment to reporting African stories comprehensively and authentically.

This remarkable recognition and reward serve as a testament to Media General’s commitment to fostering and celebrating exceptional talent within the field of journalism.

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Paa Kwesi Asare’s achievement in securing the BBC News Komla Dumor Award not only instills pride in Media General and Ghana but also underscores the importance of recognizing and nurturing individuals who excel in their chosen professions.

This gesture serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring journalists, highlighting the significance of acknowledging and celebrating excellence in the industry. Paa Kwesi Asare’s journey with the BBC promises to be an exciting and enriching chapter in his illustrious career.

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