Dr. Sam Ankrah Promises Lean Government with 20 Ministers if Elected as President

Independent presidential candidate Dr. Sam Ankrah has pledged to streamline Ghana’s government by reducing the number of ministers to just 20 if he is elected as President.

He argued that Ghana does not require more than twenty ministries and criticized previous administrations for appointing excessive ministers to satisfy campaign financiers.

In an interview on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Dr. Sam Ankrah, an economist and strategist, pointed out that some individuals fund political parties and presidential candidates with the expectation of gaining government positions and other favors. Some even offer financial support in exchange for the appointment of their children as ministers if their preferred candidate wins.

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Dr. Ankrah expressed concern that this practice has resulted in an unwieldy administration, contributing to corruption, mismanagement, embezzlement, and theft over the years. To address this issue, he plans to nominate only 20 ministers to govern the country if he is elected.

“We don’t need too many ministers,” he explained, emphasizing that many contributors to political campaigns expect rewards when their candidate wins. He believes that the 2024 general elections provide Ghanaians with the opportunity to vote for a change and elect an experienced candidate who can lead the country in a more efficient manner.

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Dr. Ankrah called on Ghanaians to take action if they truly desire change, urging them to elect him as President and signaling his commitment to a leaner and more effective government structure.

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