The Bible lied! God created woman first, not men – Mr. Logic

In a thought-provoking revelation, artist manager Mr. Logic has challenged the traditional biblical account of the creation of Adam and Eve.

The story, as told in Genesis chapters 2 and 3, has long been accepted as the foundation of the creation of humanity, with Eve being created from Adam’s rib, signifying that man was the first human formed by God.

However, Mr. Logic has boldly contradicted this narrative, stating his belief on a popular entertainment show, “United Showbiz,” that the Bible’s account is inaccurate.

According to Mr. Logic, “God created the earth according to how He, Himself, was. God never created man before woman.” He firmly asserts that “the Bible lied” and goes on to emphasize that “the nature of God is 80% a woman than a man… God created a woman before a man.”

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Mr. Logic’s unconventional view challenges the widely held belief that man was the first human created. He suggests that when examining the creation of God, one should not solely rely on the Bible but should combine it with personal knowledge and understanding.

He argues that the Earth, often considered as the Lord’s creation, is symbolic of a woman, which raises questions about the traditional account of Adam and Eve’s creation.

He poses a poignant question: “If you want to know about the creation of God, don’t go into the book because the book is an abridged version… use the book and use your creational knowledge.”

This challenges the idea that the Bible is the sole source of information about the creation of humanity.

In an emphatic declaration, Mr. Logic describes the Adam and Eve story as “a fairytale! It’s a lie!!” This bold statement invites discussions and debates about the interpretation of religious texts and how different perspectives can shape our understanding of fundamental beliefs.

While Mr. Logic’s viewpoint may be unconventional and may not align with traditional religious teachings, it underscores the importance of open dialogue and critical thinking when it comes to matters of faith and spirituality.

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It serves as a reminder that interpretations of religious texts can vary widely, sparking ongoing conversations about the nature of belief and the understanding of ancient narratives.


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