Breaking News: 15 Changfan Machines Burnt on Pra River

The taskforce, led by the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akyemansa, Paul Asamoah, recently conducted an operation near “Ensese Anglo village” along the Pra River.

During this operation, a total of fifteen Changfan machines used for illegal mining were confiscated and subsequently set ablaze. This resolute action underscores the commitment of local authorities to combat the scourge of illegal mining that has been plaguing the region.

One of the most distressing consequences of illegal mining in the area has been the pollution of the Pra River, which serves as a vital source of drinking water for nearby communities. The contamination has left residents with no choice but to abstain from using the compromised water, exacerbating the challenges faced by the affected communities.

DCE Paul Asamoah, in an interview, called for government intervention to address the rampant issue of illegal mining in the area. He acknowledged that the District Assembly lacks the necessary financial resources to effectively combat galamsey, which has been causing significant damage to local farmlands. Consequently, he emphasized the urgency of government support in tackling this problem.

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Hon. Paul Asamoah expressed his deep concern over the increasing involvement of foreign nationals in galamsey activities. To counteract this trend, he proposed a strategic solution: resourcing the military, particularly the Airforce, to employ aircraft surveillance over river bodies. This approach would effectively deter illegal miners and provide a sustainable solution to the ongoing challenges caused by illegal mining in the region.

The recent action taken by the Anti-galamsey Taskforce, coupled with the DCE’s call for government intervention, signals a collective effort to combat illegal mining, protect vital water sources, and safeguard the livelihoods of affected communities in the Eastern Region. The fight against galamsey remains a priority, emphasizing the importance of sustainable environmental practices and responsible mining in Ghana.

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