Spanish FA boss under-fire for kissing World Cup Female winner live on TV

Luis Rubiales, the head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has come under fire for an on-air kiss with Spain Women’s national team player, Jenni Hermoso, during the Women’s World Cup trophy presentation.

Rubiales, one of the dignitaries on the podium, was seen in a viral image holding Hermoso’s head and kissing her on the mouth while presenting medals to the players. This action stirred controversy, with many individuals on social media criticizing Rubiales for his behavior.

Jenni Hermoso

In response to the criticism, Rubiales dismissed his critics as “idiots.” He stated, “The kiss with Jenni? There are idiots everywhere.” He further downplayed the incident, referring to it as “insignificant” and emphasized that the team’s victory was the most important focus.

“We’re not here for bullst. Me, with everything I’ve been through, more bullst and more a**holes, no,” Rubiales added, urging that less attention should be paid to the negative comments and more focus should be on celebrating the team’s success.

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Jenni Hermoso also addressed the viral moment on her Instagram live, explaining that their emotions got the better of them and that there was nothing more to it. She stated, “It was an emotion of the moment, there is nothing beyond it. It will remain an anecdote. I’m sure that it won’t go any further.”

The Spanish RFEF issued a statement regarding the incident, describing the kiss as a spontaneous and mutual gesture of celebration following their World Cup victory.

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Spain defeated England in the Women’s World Cup final, securing their first-ever World title and becoming the second nation to achieve World Champions status in both men’s and women’s football.

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