Director of Public Engagement of Parliament seeks collaboration with NCCE 

Superintendent Effia Tenge (retired), the Director of Public Engagement of Parliament, recently led a delegation from the Parliamentary Service on a courtesy visit to the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in Accra.

The delegation was warmly received by Mr. Samuel Asare Akuamoah, Deputy Chairman of NCCE for Operations, and Mr. Victor K. Brobbey, Deputy Chairman of NCCE for Finance and Administration.

The primary purpose of this courtesy call was to explore opportunities for collaboration between the two institutions.

Their goal is to enhance citizens’ understanding of democratic governance and the functioning of Parliament, ultimately promoting active civic engagement.

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Superintendent Tenge emphasized Parliament’s commitment to strengthening citizens’ representation in the democratic process and increasing public involvement in parliamentary affairs.

This initiative aims to familiarize citizens with the inner workings of Parliament, ensuring transparency and inclusivity.

She also highlighted that the Parliamentary Service Board had developed a comprehensive four-year strategic plan to reinforce citizens’ representational roles.

Additionally, a new department called Public Engagement was established within the Public Affairs Directorate to focus specifically on engaging citizens and promoting their participation in parliamentary matters.

Superintendent Tenge commended the NCCE for its dedicated efforts in delivering effective civic education over the past three decades. In response, Mr. Akuamoah reiterated the NCCE’s eagerness to collaborate with Parliament in educating citizens on democratic values and principles.

Mr. Brobbey expressed his hope that this collaboration would foster a deeper understanding and stronger working relationship between the NCCE, the Parliamentary Service Board, and Members of Parliament (MPs).

Mr. Prosper Hoetu, Head of the Citizens’ Bureau of Parliament, mentioned that the Citizens’ Bureau, inaugurated this year, serves as a bridge for engagement and information sharing between Parliament and civil society organizations.

He highlighted that the partnership between Parliament and the NCCE would further public awareness, promoting transparency and social accountability.

This collaborative effort between Parliament and the NCCE holds the potential to empower citizens, enrich democratic discourse, and strengthen Ghana’s democratic institutions.

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