Cut Petroleum taxes in two weeks or we hike fares by 20% -Transport Union

The Coalition of Transport Union and Association, representing a substantial portion of Ghana’s transportation industry, has issued a stern ultimatum to the government, demanding the removal of multiple taxes from the petroleum price build-up within the next two weeks. Failing to meet this demand, they threaten to increase fares by a significant 20%.

In a recent statement, the coalition stated that their primary objective is to alleviate what they consider to be “unnecessary pressure” faced by both drivers and consumers in the country.

Their grievances revolve around several taxes and levies, including the Sanitation and Pollution Levy, the Energy Sector Levy, the Energy Sector Recovery Levy, and the Special Petroleum Tax.

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The Sanitation and Pollution Levy, aimed at funding environmental initiatives, has been criticized for its contribution to the rising cost of transportation. Similarly, the Energy Sector Levy and Energy Sector Recovery Levy have faced backlash for inflating fuel prices and increasing the cost of living.

The Special Petroleum Tax, initially introduced to stabilize petroleum prices during market fluctuations, has also been singled out as a major contributor to the financial strain experienced by drivers and consumers.

Leaders of the Coalition emphasized that their intent is not to disrupt the economy but to address the growing financial burden on their members and the public.

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They argue that removing these taxes and levies would result in more reasonable fuel prices, benefiting both drivers and consumers.

This ultimatum highlights the ongoing debate over the impact of taxes and levies on fuel prices in Ghana and the challenges faced by the transport Union. The government’s response to this ultimatum will likely be closely monitored in the coming weeks.

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