Water and Electricity Tariffs Set to Increase from September 1

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has announced a forthcoming increase in tariffs for water, electricity, and natural gas for non-lifeline residential customers.

This adjustment will see a 4.22% increment in electricity tariffs and a 1.18% increase in water tariffs, both scheduled to take effect from Friday, September 1, 2023.

It’s important to note that this adjustment will not affect industrial customers and non-residential entities such as hairdressers, salons, barber shops, chop bars, tailoring and dressmaking shops, cold stores, and other small to medium-scale businesses.

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In a press release, PURC explained that the primary objective behind the tariff adjustment is to ensure that the real value of the cost of providing utility services is upheld.

The release stated, “The Commission, after extensive deliberations and analysis, has approved no increment or change (0%) in end-user electricity tariffs for lifeline customers, industrial customers, and non-residential customers effective September 01, 2023. The Commission, however, approved a 4.22% increase across the board in the average and end-user electricity tariff for non-lifeline residential customers.”

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Regarding water tariffs, lifeline customers will not experience an increase or change (0%) in tariff rates. However, the Commission has approved a 1.18% increase in tariffs for all other water customer groups.

This tariff adjustment announcement is likely to have an impact on households and residents who rely on these essential utilities.

As a result, many will be closely monitoring their consumption and budgeting to accommodate the impending changes in their utility bills.

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