University of Ghana Student to Face Murder Trial for Boyfriend’s Death

The halls of justice are set to open a chilling chapter as Safina Mohammed Adizatu, a first-year student at the University of Ghana, prepares to stand trial for the gruesome murder of her boyfriend, Frank Kofi Osei, a Ghanaian resident in Canada.

This heart-wrenching case, which has captured the nation’s attention, is scheduled to begin on September 18, 2023, at the High Court in Accra. Here, we delve into the harrowing details of the incident that led to this tragic trial.

The Unfolding Tragedy between Safina, UG Student and Canadian Boyfriend

In July 2022, tragedy struck at Ashaley Botwe School Junction when Frank Kofi Osei paid a visit to his girlfriend, Safina. What was meant to be a reunion turned into a horrifying nightmare as Frank was gruesomely murdered during his stay.

Safina Diamond’s Defense

During the committal proceedings at the Adentan District Court, Safina, also known as Safina Diamond, fervently proclaimed her innocence. She maintained that she was not present in the house at the time of the incident but was instead in the vicinity, making phone calls.

She specifically addressed a bag presented as evidence by the prosecution, claiming it was hers and was filled with beverages. Importantly, she emphasized that the bag was not discovered in the room of Michael Arku in Kumasi.

The State’s Case against the student

Nana Ama Adinkra, a State Attorney, is leading the case for the prosecution. The court was informed that the state intends to call nine witnesses during the upcoming trial before the High Court.

Notably, Michael Fiifi Ampofo Arku, who was initially held as an accomplice but later discharged following the Attorney General’s recommendation, will be among the witnesses.

In total, 31 exhibits are expected to be tendered during the trial.

These exhibits range from the autopsy report to various items allegedly connected to the crime, including five substantial dog chains, cello tape, four padlocks with ten keys, a cutter, a pair of gloves, three knives, and the accused person’s investigation caution statements.

The Prosecution’s Narrative

The prosecution’s version of events paints a horrifying picture of that fateful night. It alleges that on Sunday, July 24, 2022, while Frank Osei was on vacation in Ghana, he visited Safina, his fiancée, at her residence in Ashaley Botwe School Junction. He intended to spend the night with her, but tragedy would soon strike.

According to the prosecution, Safina, along with Arku and other yet-to-be-apprehended accomplices, reportedly attacked Frank Osei.

The alleged assailants are said to have stabbed and strangled him to death with a knife. Shockingly, it’s claimed that Safina and her accomplices then cleaned the blood from the crime scene while Osei’s lifeless body remained in the room for a harrowing 24 hours.

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The situation took a gruesome turn as Osei’s lifeless body was dragged from the first floor of the building, down the staircase, and left at the gate of the house. This is where Frank had parked his Toyota Tundra.

Safina reportedly called the police, notifying them that her boyfriend, who had visited her, had tragically passed away in her room. When the police arrived at the scene, they discovered Frank Osei’s lifeless body at the gate of Safina’s house, and she was subsequently arrested.

The upcoming murder trial of Safina Mohammed Adizatu is set to be a heart-wrenching chapter in Ghana’s legal history.

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As the court proceedings commence on September 18, 2023, the nation will closely watch the events unfold, seeking justice for the tragic loss of Frank Kofi Osei by he University of Ghana student.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of a fair and impartial judicial process in unraveling the truth behind such heinous acts.

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