Kwesi Pratt Opposes ECOWAS Deployment of Troops to Niger

Seasoned journalist Kwesi Pratt has voiced his opposition to the ECOWAS decision to send a “standby force” to Niger should the military junta refuse to back down and allow the reinstatement of the country’s President, who was ousted in a coup in July.

Pratt expressed concerns that such intervention could escalate into an internal war within West Africa.

He pointed to the ongoing challenges posed by Islamic insurgents in the region and argued that military deployment against Niger could embolden these insurgents and exacerbate the situation.

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Kwesi Pratt also highlighted the presence of the United States’ second-largest drone base in Niger, suggesting potential repercussions for the entire West African region if ECOWAS were to attack Niger.

Pratt’s comments underscore the complexities and risks associated with military interventions in the region, with concerns ranging from the potential for insurgency escalation to broader regional implications.

The situation in Niger remains a matter of concern for both ECOWAS and the international community.

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