KWASIA! Strongman, Keche, TicTac F!re Fashion Critic FireStick Over Threats

Ghanaian rapper Strongman recently found himself in a fiery Twitter debate with fashion critic Firestick. The heated argument took place during a discussion about the fashion choices of Ghanaian artists.

The source of contention was Firestick’s “Wear Legit” concept, which encourages celebrities to opt for authentic sneakers and clothing. This idea promotes genuine products over knock-offs and is aimed at influencing fans and followers.

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The disagreement between the two escalated rapidly, with both individuals staunchly defending their viewpoints. Strongman was particularly critical of Firestick’s advocacy for authenticity in celebrity attire.

He argued that not all artists could afford to invest in expensive clothing, especially those who are independent and lack the financial backing of a record label.

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Strongman’s dissatisfaction with Firestick’s stance led to a verbal exchange that showcased their differing opinions.

Known for his straightforward demeanor, Strongman didn’t hold back and even went so far as to dismiss Firestick as a “failed boxer.” This comment appeared to be an attempt to undermine Firestick’s credibility in the realm of fashion criticism.

Later the day, rapper Keche made a video blasting Firestick for his ignorant comments about fashion style of Ghanaian celebrities, guys let’s not talk much, lets delve into the video below.

The clash between Strongman and Firestick underscores the ongoing debate within the Ghanaian entertainment industry about fashion authenticity and the financial constraints that some artists may face when it comes to their clothing choices.

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