I’ll even increase the betting tax when I become President – Kennedy Agyapong

The MP for Assin Central and flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party, Kennedy Agyapong, has stated his intention to raise the betting tax when he is elected as president to discourage the youth from veering off track.

Making an appearance on Accra-based UTV, the flagbearer hopeful highlighted concerns about the negative impact of excessive betting on young individuals.

He argued that the prevalence of betting among the youth can hinder their future prospects and lead them astray.

“I was being interviewed one time by a journalist and he brought in the topic of betting. He argued that the NPP has imposed a tax on betting. I told him that I will even increase it from 10% to 30%.

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“I have refrained myself from talking about it because there isn’t much of employment. But if we had created employment, it would reduce the number of people who engage in betting. If a youth gets addicted to betting, he doesn’t have a future. So, when I come, we will create enough employment for the youth,” he said.

Addressing the issue of unemployment, Kennedy Agyapong noted that he has been cautious in his discussions due to the current limited job opportunities.

However, he emphasized that creating more employment opportunities could significantly reduce the number of young people engaging in betting as a means of financial gain.

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“Let me give you this example in the US if you with a bet of about $ 1 billion, you will go home with only $ 600 million, about 40% tax. Because it is free money. So, with all the advice I gave to the youth, they took only that part to tell people that I said I will increase tax on bet. Yes! I said it and I stand by it.

I will do this it discourages the youth from going astray,” he added.

He continued that “I don’t care, if you will vote for me go ahead if you won’t vote for me too that is fine. But whatever that is the truth is what I will say it.”

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