He’s Gone: Dude Was Seeing Stars After This Power Slap!

Competitive slapping, also known as ” slap fighting” or the “Russian slap championship,” is a unique and unconventional sport that has gained global attention. In this sport, two competitors take turns slapping each other in the face, aiming to either knock their opponent off balance or make them quit.

Despite its peculiar nature, competitive slapping demands strength, technique, and a high tolerance for pain.

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The Rules and Fascination Of Slap Fighting

Competitive slapping has specific rules in place:

  1. The Slap: Competitors take turns delivering open-palm slaps to each other’s faces.
  2. No Blocking: Unlike traditional combat sports, competitors cannot defend themselves against incoming slaps.
  3. No Retaliation: After being slapped, a competitor must wait for their turn to strike back.
  4. Voluntary Withdrawal: Competitors can concede defeat at any time.
  5. Judging: Matches are judged based on factors like the force of the slap and its impact.

The sport’s appeal lies in its raw power, unpredictability, international following, and spectator entertainment. Competitive slapping is unconventional and has found a niche in the world of sports.

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Safety and Controversy

Competitive slapping has faced criticism due to its potential for danger and violence. Safety measures, including medical checks for competitors and rules against targeting sensitive areas, are essential to address these concerns.


Competitive slapping, while unconventional, showcases the diversity in sports. Whether it’s intriguing or perplexing, this sport demonstrates humanity’s ability to push boundaries and find unique ways to compete. Competitive slapping is a sport with its own niche, captivating audiences with its intensity and unorthodox appeal.

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