Edem Slams Celebs Who Use Juju For Fame

Ghanaian recording artist,Denning Edem Hotor who is popularly known as Edem has been expressing his sentiments about the entertainment industry lately and in a latest assertion, the rapper branded people who resort to spiritual backings or ‘juju’ for fame or to remain relevant as ‘Shallow thinkers.

The VRMG artiste made this assertion in an interview on Happy Fm.

When quizzed by Edem if he would resort to spiritual help, the rapper disclosed that it is only ‘shallow thinkers’ who will go in for ‘juju’ to stay relevant but for him, his brand would not even permit him to do that.

“Those are for small thinkers and my posture will not even permit you. Because the thing is, why should you think that somebody has to help you to make money?”  He said

“Why are you so small in your mind to the extent that you don’t know that challenges are part of success?”, he quizzed.

According to him, in showbiz there are ups and downs and that the entire process of falling and rising is part of learning and growth.

Edem is currently promoting his new banger titled ‘Politics’

The rapper has recently been voicing out on the current state of the entertainment industry.

He recently stated that most people in the entertainment industry don’t like the truth but he stands for that and will always spew out the ‘honest truth’.

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