My Fuel Money Can Feed Your Useless Father – Chris Waddle Blasts Fan

Musician and CEO of AMG music Criss Kwaku Waddle, has insulted a fan and his father for questioning the authenticity of his music and it’s not cool at all.

Criss Waddle called the father of Abdul Hanan useless on twitter when the young man asked whether the ‘Biegya’ hit maker does good music.

Does @Chris Waddle really churn out good content at all?
All I see him do is waste precious time on Twitter attacking the media….Chale do good music and stop the Kwesiase3m Wai…” Abdul Hanan tweeted.

Criss Waddle who’s known to be king of Savages immediately replied the tweet with words that shouldn’t come from a celebrity.

Massa fiokor na mindwein na by this time ur prepaid is beeping red,u want to come on social media and disrespect a man who’s fuel money can feed ur useless father” Waddle tweeted.

But on the real, the question still remains the same, does Criss Waddle and his AMG music squad produce good music?

Let’s hear your thoughts on this!

Criss Waddle

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