You Can Go Blind From Too Much Sekz-Counsellor (Video)

A well-known counselor who mostly speaks at Kanatanka TV Counselor D Y Donkoh has opened up on sekz and the effect it can have on ladies when it’s been done too much.

According to him, sekz should not be the center of the relationship as it blinds the lady from seeing through the relationship and getting to know each other better.

He further revealed that most ladies who use sekz as compensation whenever they have an argument with their man is very wrong it doesn’t help the relationship.

D.Y Donkor revealed that after dating one progresses to courtship where they get to learn more about each other and see if they can be able to get married but if there is a lot of sekx it doesn’t allow the lady to study the man well and also focus on knowing whats good about the man.

Watch the video below;

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