Watch Video: “There’s No Judgement After Death” – Sofo Kyiri Abosom

Ever wondered where the soul of man goes after one dies and leaves the earth? Leader and founder of the Life Assembly worship center Rev Christian Kwabena Andrew aka Osofo Kyiri Abosom, has got all the answers.

According to the man of God who also doubles as a politician there is no judgment after one dies because God has a lot of important things to work on rather than judge mankind.

Kyiri Abosom further revealed that it is waste of time for God to judge us as if you do good then you would surely have a good following you but if you did bad then you would have bad things also following you to where ever that you would go.

Speaking during an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom Plus FM added that people should be deceived by pastors who claim that God would sit and judge people one after the other.

Watch the interview below;

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