Man Names Her Daughter After Yvonne Nelson

Sharing a video on her official Instagram page, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson had a daughter of a man believed to be Mr. Alimo after her.

In the video shared, the father of the baby, who was speaking on behalf of the Alimo family, revealed that they decided to name their doctor after the actress because the actress has had a great impact on their lives.

Mr. Amo said:

“In this world, before anybody names their child after another person, then that person has had a huge impact on their lives. I’ve been in Accra for a long time, and since I met Yvonne Nelson, the impact has been huge. We’ve come too far, and anytime we have a conversation, she’s always positive, so I felt that if I have a very beautiful daughter like Yvonne Nelson.”

” I would want her to emulate the character of Yvonne Nelson because the Yvonne we are seeing here today is a very hardworking and ambitious woman. If you meet her for a minute and she speaks, and you pay heed to her advice, it will take you places. So please Yvonne, I’m also very humbled and very grateful. “

Sharing the video on Instagram, Yvonne Nelson wrote:

“Humbling moment  ( this happened in the Real World ) Yvonne Nelson Alimo  #godmother.”


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