Son of Pastor Love and Obaapa Christy Says He Saw Pastor Love Using Juju In His Room (video)

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong took his expose on fake pastors like Rev Obofour, Angel Obinim, and Pastor Love to a whole new level as he invited the 18-year-old son of Pastor Love to drop some dirty secrets.

Earlier, Prophet Manasseh had alleged on THE SEAT show on Net 2 Tv that Pastor Love is a fake man of God who uses juju for his miracles. However, Pastor Love denied the said allegations as he went further to deny ever meeting Manasseh in his life.

Little did we know that Kennedy Agyapong was going to show a video of Pastor Love’s son as he confirmed allegations by Manasseh that Pastor Love is into Juju.

According to him, the reason why he stopped leaving with his dad, Pastor Love was that he saw something in his wardrobe for some time ago, and he even dreamt about that thing.

He added that after he saw the thing in his dad’s room, his dad’s attitude towards him changed because he realized his son had found his secret.

The 18-year-old boy said he sensed danger around him hence opting to live with his mother, Obaapa Christy.


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