Dr. Kwaku Oteng & I will never come back – Akua GMB

In response to rumors that she is now the CEO of the Angel group of firms’ sworn enemy, Akua GMB has put the record straight on her relationship with Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Akua GMB firmly said during an interview on ADOM FM that she has no hatred against Dr. Kwaku Oteng and that she is sure her ex-husband feels the same way.

She went on to say that during their recent trip to Germany, Dr. Kwaku Oteng even paid for the cost of her plane tickets in addition to their children’s.

Akua GMB clearly declared that she would never remarry her ex-husband, regardless of what occurs or what others think, when asked about returning to Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, Dr. Kwaku Oteng was praised by Akua GMB for the way that he cares for both her and their children.

Watch the video below;

Source : Gossips24.com

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