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”I lost my brother due to the bad Nigerian healthcare system ”-says artist Rema

Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor aka Rema on Wednesday blamed the bad healthcare in Nigeria for causing his brother’s death.

Rema recounted the terrible incident via his verified Twitter account.

He said his brother was cut wrongly while being operated on with candlelight.

According to the singer, politicians keep diverting the money meant for the good healthcare system and borrowing while using the country’s pain as a format.

”I lost my Brother to Nigeria’s bad healthcare system, they did a surgery on him with candlelight. They cut him wrongly and he bled to death.

”The money to provide good healthcare system is in an old man’s foreign account and they keep borrowing using our pain as their format. We’ve lost a lot of people to the decisions of a few people” he tweeted.

More often than not, people all over the world blame health care systems for the death their loved ones.

It’s a known fact that many people have lost their due to poor healthcare management and surgery procedures.

One Nigerian singer Devine Ikubor popular known as Rema has shared a painful to experience in which he lost his brother due to the bad health care system in Nigeria.

Health care providers carried out surgery on his brother with a candlelight, cutting him wrongly till bled to death.

Read his tweet below;

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