Prime Minister Of Sudan Resigns After Protest By Citizens

Prime minister of Sudan Abdalla Hamdok has resigned as the leader of the country after a mass protest by some citizens who demanded power for the people.

According to reports, thousands marched against a recent deal he had done to share power with the army, who staged a coup in October.

The people who were ready for a change were heard shouting “Power to the people”, which led to the military also retaliating with some warning shots which unfortunately killed two people in the process.

The decision of the prime minister to step down to the military taking control of the country at the moment.

Abdalla Hamdok speaking during his resignation stated that the country was at a “dangerous turning point that threatens its whole survival”.

He said he had tried his best to stop the country from “sliding towards disaster”, but that “despite everything that has been done to reach a consensus… it has not happened”.

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