Nana Addo possibly coronavirus positive; Check out the facts

It is no one’s wish that the first gentleman of the land tests positive to a deadly disease like the current coronavirus – Covid-19. However, our news desk has evaluated the chances of the president, H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, possibly testing positive to coronavirus.

The president of Ghana embarked on an official Europe Tour in February, the month in which the virus took over Europe, especially Italy, which has recorded more deaths and cases than any other country in Europe.

President in Norway
President in Norway

It is an open knowledge that the President, Nana Akufo-Addo visited Norway., reported on Feb 27, 2020, that the president of Ghana attended a joint press conference addressed by the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg and Nana Addo.

Prior to his trip to Norway, it’s reported by that the Norwegian Ambassador planned the visit of Akufo-Addo in Norway before the first gentleman of the land arrived in the European country.

Norwegian ambassador
Norwegian ambassador who tested positive

The only infected person who is believed to have come into contact with the president is the Norwegian Ambassador, for whose sake the Norwegian embassy has been shut down.

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It is believed that the ambassador arrived in Ghana with the President ahead of the Independence day celebration. The information minister’s account stated that the Ambassador arrived in Ghana about a week ago, same time frame the president arrived in Ghana for the independence day celebration.

Observers of the independence day celebration also noted that the President exhibited signs of cough and flu during his speech, but the camera’s of GTV – the only station that had the right to film the event – made sure these were not captured.

Amidst the president showing these signs, another reason given was the fact that the president allegedly dinned and came into contact with the Ambassador who has now tested positive.

Could it be that the ambassador got infected before meeting the president, or was infected after meeting the president? That we don’t know for a fact, but we know the two came into contact within the same period that was mentioned in the report.

From the above points, one could say that the president should be checked to clear the public’s doubts as to whether he is positive or negative because his health is in the best interest of the citizens of Ghana.

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  1. Daniel Abekah Quansah says

    The analysis may be vital but for safely of the president nothing wrong if He’s taken care of , let the first gentleman eats more pepper and hot kankey, drinks some megal vinegar and hothot things, then take in powerful immune booster herbs or supplement,

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