Watch: Mzbel Narrates How She Met Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Mzbel has by-and-by narrated how she met Prophet Nigel Gaisie during a live Tv discussion with Giovanni Caleb on Tv3 yester-night following thier alledged “Chopment” saga which raged through the jungly Ghanaian internet community last week.

This interview ensued from Honourable Kennedy Agyapong’s concurrent claims which eluicated that: the two aforementioned persons have been gravely “chopping” themselves behind the veil.

And then came the bombshell when Kennedy Agyapong gave the impression that: Nigel Gaisie once-forcefully penetrated into Mzbel during one of their casual encounters.

Well, neither the songstress nor the cleric has openly denied the rape accusations because it’s evident the whole situation is acutely embarrassing.

To succinctly put: Mzbel has admitted that, she personally knows Nigel Gaisie and they both used to be bosom buddies sometime ago. She further went on to reveal that: they both used to call, text and met at restaurants to eat and talk about life

She further disclosed that, Nigel Gaisie was her junior during their schooling days.

Kindly watch the video below.


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