Manager Gets Rid Of Mr Eventuarry, Clears His Photos From His Pages For Good! reported on the relationship between Mr Eventuarry and his manager, Theophilus Arthur taking a nosedive.

We reported earlier that Mr Eventuarry who shot to fame with his approach to the Queen’s language and his laughter had parted ways with his manager.

His manager said he was not comfortable with some of the things happening between himself and his client. In his voice, he said “he doesn’t see my value as a Manager; from all indications I knew this would come but there were a lot of people who told me to be patient so I held on.” [READ FULL STORY HERE]

As though that wasn’t enough, the manager who is popularly known as Theo Wade, according to our checks on his page this morning, has deleted all the photos which belong to Eventuarry.

Not just that, the old account, @eventuary_ has been changed to @laughoutloudafrica_.

This particular Instagram page is being followed by a lot of celebrities and it garnered about 76,500 followers.

Mr Eventuarry
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