Nana Boroo Makes Peace With Highlife Legend, J.A Adofo After ‘Stealing’ His Song (photos)

Ghanaian hiplife star, Nana Boroo has finally smoked the peace pipe with the Adofo’s per photos sighted by on the social media pages of Highlife Legend, J.A Adofo.

Nana Boroo and the son of J.A Adofo, Jackson Alfred Adofo, were on each other’s case as the later felt the Aha Ay3d3 hit singer completely stole his father’s song for his latest jam titled Fine Boy.

Jackson Alfred Adofo attacked Boroo on social and traditional media for not going through the right processes to sample his father’s song. Jackson averred Boroo was making money off his father’s hard work which shouldn’t be so.  

In a video shared on social media, Adofo Jr. told musicians to be hardworking and create their own legacies rather than being lazy and sampling music from old school.

In the video he is seen comparing both songs separately to further prove his claim that Nana Boroo indeed stole the song from his father.

With enough prove, he threatened to sue Nana Boroo to teach him a lesson and deter others from erring like Borro did. The ‘Aha Ay3d3’ hit maker, unperturbed, also called their bluff and told them to prepare for the legal battle.

However, in a recent development, it appears calm has been restored. sighted fresh photos on the social media pages of both father and son – J.A Adofo & Jackson Alfred Adofo – taking photos with Nana Boroo.

The photos were shared with the caption; “ He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

Perhaps brown envelopes have made things easier between both parties.


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