Mr Eventuarry Part Ways With Manager; Manager Claims Mr Eventuarry Is Not Loyal

Social media viral sensation and comedian, Mr Eventuarry and his manager Theophilus Arthur aka Theo Wade have parted ways according to a report by

This development comes few days after they landed their first ever major show in Nigeria.

According to the report by 233times, Mr Eventuarry known in real life as Patrick Mensah had some misunderstandings with his manager.

Mr eventuarry and manager
eventuary and manager

The manager who spoke to said that “I am not comfortable with some of the things he’s been doing. He doesn’t see my value as a Manager; from all indications I knew this would come but there were a lot of people who told me to be patient so I held on.”

“When we went to Nigeria, there were a lot of misunderstanding and when we came to Ghana he started acting up so I had to part ways with him” Mr. Arthur told

“He shouldn’t even mention my name anywhere whether good or bad. If he mentions my name anywhere I can take him to court so he shouldn’t even try it” Mr. Arthur said.

Mr. Arthur had brokered deals for Mr. Eventuary in Kigali, Cape Town and United Kingdom which were all scheduled for this year but according to him, he has cancelled all those deals because he has left with those deals.

“The issues are not on monetary terms but loyalty terms that’s all I can say” Mr. Arthur ended.

Efforts to reach Mr. Eventuary proved futile as he is not picking up his phone.

Theophilus Arthur also confirmed on Skyy Power FM’s OC Showbiz Review on Saturday 3rd August, 2019 with Nana Kwame the Master Planner.

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