Kelvynboy jabs Stonebwoy and BHIM nation again? – see new shots

Gossip Mongers, we can say for a fact that the intents behind these new shots from Kelvynboy were as malicious as you could ever imagine as he took to Twitter to jab Stonebwoy in several literal posts.

Kelvin Brown as he is popularly known left Burniton Music Group on a bad note with the likes of Black Cedi and others who were fired from the BHIM office. Since then, the musician and his former boss have not been on good terms.

In recent tweets, Kelvynboy has decided to go all literal as he leaves fans and followers to decode and give their own meanings to the statements.

In one tweet which was a direct shot at BHIM nation, Kelvin asked, “Your chairman be smart ?”.

As if that was not enough, the musician who coupled his brand new Benz with a Range Rover literally slammed Stonebwoy in another tweet saying, “Niggas don’t understand why I still Dey succeed.. I’m not from this world just know that”. To this, we deduce Kelvyn wanted to say Stonebwoy cannot imagine that he – Kelvyn – is still doing well without BHIM.

He went on to throw one last bomb at Stonebwoy – literally asking him to walk with people who know how to bag success.

“Follow who know road my guy”, he tweeted.

Though none of the tweets included Stone’s name, their longstanding feud and bad blood gives us reason to believe that Kelvyn’s shades are targeted at the BHIM boss and his nation.


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