Fan Tattoos Medikal’s Name On His Arm

A die-hard fan of AMG Medikal has tattooed the name of the 2019 VGMA rapper of the year on his arm.

Recently a female musician, Petrah also tattooed Medikal’s name on her breast.

Medikal shared the photo of the male fan who had proudly and boldly tattooed ‘MEDIKAL’ on his arm via his insta-story.

According to the fan, he did it to celebrate Medikal’s first ever VGMA awards after two years of disappointments.

It could be recalled, Medikal had 7 nominations in 2017 and won nothing out of it.

Actually this is not the first time a fan has tattooed his/her favorite artiste on the body.

We’ve seen fans of Shatta Wale tattooing Shatta’s Name and his reign album on their bodies. So it’s actually not something new. Lol..

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