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“John Mahama will never become Ghana’s president again” – Rev Owusu Bempah states

Self-styled nation prophet, Rev Owusu Bempah, whose hatred for John Mahama and the NDC is not deniable has once again punched the NDC’s flagbearer straight in the face.

According to NPP confessed pastor, John Mahama will never become the first gentleman of the land again so he should quash his presidential aspirations.

Rev Owusu has also vowed never to let John Mahama and the NDC have peace if Mugaabe Maase and other NDC loyalists don’t end their insults spree on him.

In his own words;

John Mahama I will continue to attack you physically and spiritually until you tell your boys Mugabe and his people Kelvin Taylor, Kweku Skirt and co to stop insulting me. If they stop insulting me, I will also stop insulting Mahama. But anytime they come insulting me, I’ll come and attack Mahama. Because I am older than those boys, so they can’t be insulting me anyhow. Mahama must speak to them since they’re his boys. But if he doesn’t do so, I’ll never stop attacking him

And I want to tell you. Do you think you’ll ever become the president of Ghana again? Over my dead body. You will never be president again. If you like, write down today’s date. I am not God and it’s not only me that votes but I’ll show you that we have people well cooked by God in Ghana. Even if you do any juju, I’ll stop it

Source: Gossips24.com

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