“If You Are Ignorant, Let Me Educate You” – Honorable Adongo Tells Stephen Amoah In The Face

The member of Parliament for Bolgatanga central, Isaac Adongo has told fellow legislator, Stephen Amoah, in the face if he is ignorant the former will educate him.

It all started when Honorable Stephen Amoah revealed that some members of the NDC have been creating and making false statements about the Akuffo Addo led administration.

He added that even no member in the NPP has ever been arrested for corruption but the same cannot be said about the NDC. He hit hard on Honorable Adongo for being part of persons who throw false news about the NPP government. He added that Honorable Adongo has been making false financial analysis on some media platforms just to throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians.

“If there is any financial thing you don’t understand, the first thing is to contact the source for clarity, then you can make statement. Not in the name of politics, you went to Joy News, peddling around with false news.”

“I’m not finance minister. There could be figures that I may not understand so the first thing to do is to contact the source. You don’t go round lying and saying all these things” he said.

After making these statements, Honorable Adongo replied him and clearly stated that if Stephen Amoah is ignorant, he should allow him to educate him.

“Chief, don’t do that. If you are ignorant, let me educate you. I can educate you if you are ignorant. The debt to GDP you are reporting is March” he said.

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