If I Start Rapping, Some People Will Keep Quiet -Patapaa

Patapaa does not want to stay in his ‘One Corner’ with his 2 by 4 music, he says he want to start rapping so he can probably have the privilege of dissing anyone who steps on his toes like it’s happening between Medikal and Strongman.

The singer whose ‘Skopatumana’ is still trending, waded into the beef between the two rappers and instead of taking sides, he’s rather relishing the chance of spitting his own bars when he becomes and a rapper and something of this sort crops up.

He tweeted:

If I Start Rapping , Some People Will Keep Quiet In This Country !!! Wait For It #Pa2PaSojas#SureBet

If I start Rapping , some people will keep quiet in this country !!! Wait for it #Pa2PaSojas#SureBet

— Patapaa Amisty (@patapaa_amisty) June 22, 2019

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