Major punches from Strongman’s diss track to Medikal – Don’t Try

Just some few days ago, the best rapper of the year AMG Medikal dropped a diss song to former Sarkcess music label signee, Strongman.

In this song, Medikal used a lot of words on other rappers more specifically strongman and even went ahead and trumpeted how rich he is and how he has taken this rap game to another level which is making him smile to the bank all the time.

As expected, Strongman came in hard with a reply and social media is going crazy with the punches he used on the AMG rapper. has taken time to decode some of the punches for you. Take time and enjoy.

But first, listen to the song >>> Strongman Disses Medikal Hard On ‘Don’t Try’ (LISTEN)

1 – Subtract your fraud money from your real money, the remaining be your music money. Well, we all know Medikal is one of the rappers in the game who is always making noise about his cash and cars. Strongman is asking him to do some simple calculation here. Medikal is known to be involved in internet fraud so Strongman is asking him to subtract his fraud money from his real money which must give him his music money.

Strongman went ahead to give us an answer to the equation. According to him, Medikal’s music money can’t even buy him a bicycle.

2 – Big body big body wadwene ketewa s3 coins. You know Strongman has a small body and Medikal is very tough, right? Well, strongman says despite Medikal’s big body all his brain is very small like coins. We can’t however confirm whether its the 10p coins or 50p that Strongman is talking about.

3. Too risky ne )mo ada nyinaa maa na boa wohit. Here Strongman is trying to let Medikal know that if not for women, like these songs all won’t be a hit.

4. SS Leaver hold your heart before you talk to graduates. This is the strongest warning from the song. Strongman is telling Medikal to respect his seniors in the game. There are levels everywhere and SS Leavers can’t compare themselves with graduates.

5. Strongman went ahead to admit that Medikal has Cars and all that but his rap is still on the bench/wack. He also referred Medikal to monitor his views on youtube since even underground rappers get higher views than he is getting.

6. 3to) kakra wonya y3 Nti Ama wadwene mu hahaw. So Medikal’s girlfriend is the girl with one of the biggest buttocks in the industry. You all know whom I’m talking about right? Fella Makafui herself. Strongman is surprised why Medikal thought big buttock is everything in this life and how the big buttock of Fella is disturbing Medikal’s brain.

Well social media is actually going crazy and rap fans are busily trying to analyze the rap verse by verse. You can also Share your views on the song.

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