Government increases SDGs budget from GH¢2.58bn to GH¢5.05bn

In a resolute move towards achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ghana has significantly bolstered its financial commitment.

The 2022 SDGs Budget Report reveals a remarkable surge in funds allocated to critical sectors, reflecting the nation’s determination to navigate the path towards a sustainable future.

The highlight of the report is the substantial increase in funding, with a remarkable jump from GH¢2.85 billion in 2021 to GH¢5.05 billion in 2022, earmarked for vital government programs.

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This financial boost showcases Ghana’s proactive stance in addressing the economic challenges exacerbated by the global pandemic.

The 2022 SDGs Budget Report launch was led by Mr. Amin Adam, Minister of State, representing Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta.

In his foreword, the Minister of Finance reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to the SDGs despite the current economic circumstances catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While acknowledging the challenges posed by recovery, the Minister highlighted the opportunity to “reimagine our future and build back better.”

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He emphasized the resolute commitment to the SDGs and showcased the measures outlined in the 2022 Budget and Expenditure Report aimed at mitigating global crisis impacts and accelerating progress.

Strategic allocations were elucidated in the fifth annual SDGs Budget Report. Key sectors such as agriculture, industry, healthcare, gender equality, and education received increased funding.

The agriculture sector, for instance, was allocated around GH¢514 million to enhance productivity, while industry secured approximately GH¢216.30 million to counteract global supply chain disruptions.

As Ghana transitions to the 2022-2025 Medium-Term National Development Policy Framework (MTNDPF), the nation is poised to achieve SDG objectives alongside other essential developmental strategies.

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Finance Minister Ofori-Atta stressed that the goal is not just recovery but also building a better future through the Ghana CARES Programme. This program aims to stimulate the productive sectors of the economy while supporting the vulnerable.

Emphasizing collaboration between the public and private sectors, Ofori-Atta noted, “By fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors, we are leveraging the expertise, innovation, and resources of both to achieve transformative results.”

In a world grappling with COVID-19’s continued impact, Ghana’s resilience shines through against global challenges.

The commitment to the SDGs remains unwavering, as outlined in the 2022 Budget and Expenditure Report. The document serves as a roadmap towards a sustainable future, underlining the commitment to leaving no one behind.

The launch of the report brought together officials from the Ministry of Finance, UNICEF, and the media, highlighting the collaborative effort to steer Ghana towards a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future.

The SDGs Budget Report not only compiles data but signifies Ghana’s unwavering dedication to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals, echoing the nation’s resolve to shape a better future for all.

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