Funny Face begs Jackie Appiah to visit him alone – Screenshot

Funny Face, who has publicly confessed his love for Jackie Appiah on numerous occasions has taken to the comment section of a photo the actress shared on her IG page to beg her to visit him.

In this new photo that Jackie shared, she was captured in all-black elegant apparel radiating all the shades of beauty whiles beaming with a glittering smile.

This photo caught the eye of Funny Face and got his entire attention, hence the need for him to romantically beg for a visit.

According to Funny Face, he’s now sound and sane so a visit by Jackie Appiah wont be bad at all because he has really suffered in the last 3 weeks.

More importantly, he sprinkled a bit of his sense of humour on the statement as he reminds Jackie Appiah to visit him alone.

See screenshot below;


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