MUSIGA Elections: Bessa Simons Promises ‘One Musician One Instrument’

Bessa Simons has promised to aid every musician to own an instrument when elected as the National President.

At the launch of his Bessa 4 Better MUSIGA manifesto held at Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra on Monday, May 06, 2019 as part of his manifesto, has agreed on a process with the Instrument Sellers Association for every musician to acquire a musical instrument as one of his Self-Sustainability objectives.

“One musician one instrument – For every musician to acquire his/her own instruments, I have agreed on a process with the Instrument Sellers Association to enable members in good standing to purchase their instruments in installments, securing full ownership on completing their payments”.

The Bessa 4 Better manifesto promises to also deliver effective and visionary leadership in deepening Unity, Accountability and Greater Transparency when given the mandate to lead the union.

The former First Vice President with his background in all the genres of music (Choral, Gospel, Reggae, Highlife, Hiplife, Cultural and Dance Troupe) promises to strengthen the structures at the national level and to create a nurturing environment for musicians both young and old.

Another of Bessa Simons’ objective as stated in his manifesto is to promote and preserve Ghanaian culture.

“To promote and preserve Ghanaian culture through early education by putting basic music back on the school curriculum.”

A third among his eight (8) objectives is to encourage each region to have fundraising activities which will be supported by the president in the national office. In relation to this, the Bessa special initiative will work to raise GHC 50,000 to support the regional offices

Clearly effective and visionary leadership is what is needed to take any institution to its desired ends and that is exactly what Bessa Simons is promising to bring to the table after eight years of service as the 1st Vice President of a Union that has done so much instituting life-long annual events like the MUSIGA Presidential Grand Ball, Ghana Music Week, Aged Musicians Fund among several hosts of others.

The launch which was chaired by rapper Okyeame Kwame reiterated the need for MUSIGA to progress hence his support for Bessa Simons.

In attendance was Afropop singer Adolf Tagoe, veteran highlife musician AB Crenstil, female dancehall act Shege and other MUSIGA members.


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