#Fixthecountry demo was useless – Kwame A Plus fumes (Video)

Ghanaian Hiplife musician turned political activist – Kwame A Plus has put fear without fear or remorse that all those who engaged in the controversial #Fixthecountry demonstration that came off last Wednesday are empty-headed and clueless about the agenda they are championing.

According to the vociferous political critic and Mr Know it all, demonstration never solves a problem hence it was very shallow for the leaders of the #Fixthecountry movement to concerned citizens to march through the principal streets of Accra to demand better governance.

He pressed on that, that the demonstrators’ goal of changing the constitution is not accomplished with jogging workouts and plenty of talks.

A Plus further submitted that instead of organizing demonstrations, these activists should seek political power in order to change the status quo.

Meanwhile, this same A Plus has been very vocal about the change of the 1992 constitution, he’s a big-time hypocrite with no shame!

Check out the video below to know more…


Source: Gossips24.com


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