#Fixthecountry: 72-year-old woman weeps over the hardships in the country (Video)

In a video from today’s #FixtheCountry demo that is currently trending on the internet, a 72-year-old woman is seen crying uncontrollably as she tearfully expressed her discontent with the current status of the country spearheaded by Nana Addo.

When questioned why she was crying, the old woman whose name is said to be Akosua Yeboah, said that circumstances in the country have changed and that the suffering is so great that her children are unable to provide for her whenever she requests for money from them.

In this emotional footage, the disappointed old citizen was spotted being consoled by fellow demonstrators from the ‘FixTheCountry’ movement.

Check out the video below to know more…

Source: Gossips24.com

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