Exposed!: Medikal Behind Famous Teacher-students #Omo Ada Video

It seems Medikal has managed to fool Ghanaians and his fans by making them believe people are actually participating in his #Omo Ada Challenge, when in reality he’s staging them.

Well, we the professional gossipers at has gotten hold of some info that proves Medikal is paying professional dancers to do the challenge for him.

Few days ago a video of a supposed teacher and his students participating in the #Omo ada challenge went viral on all social media platforms and fans were asking Medikal to go look for them and reward them.

But per what we’ve gathered the supposed teacher in the video is the brother of the ‘Dede’ singer Kelvyn boy and a professional dancer for that matter, meaning he’s no teacher!

Percy Jackson is his name and those kids he was dancing with are part of the Percy Jackson Dance crew.

So in a nutshell, Medikal paid the Percy Jackson Dance crew to do the video and made people believe they were just random people participating in the challenge.

Check out the full video on Percy Jackson’s YouTube channel:

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