Ayisha Modi Announces Her Comeback To Social Media After Beef With Stonebwoy

Ghanaian social media star, Ayisha Modi has returned to social media after being absent for months due to mental health issues.

Now Ayisha Modi claims that she is “back for good and forever” now that she has recovered her stolen account and is “mentally well.”

Ayisha Modi took a break from social media after falling into despair and losing her pregnancy and then having her account hacked, which explains her absence, but she’s back for good, and she’s here to stay.

She says it feels amazing to regain her hijacked account and be back on the platform after months away, thanking all the people who were there for her for their love, care, and huge support.

We’ll see Ayisha Modi more now that she’s back on social media for good, and we know how she can be and what a wonderful heart she has, so we’re glad to see her back on her feet.

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