Ayisha Modi Gave Me 50Million, I Am Sorry – Actor TT Apologizes After Ayisha Cur$ed Him (+Audio)

After claiming Ayisha Modi gave him only GHC600 plus drinks, veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio famed TT has rendered unqualified apology to the socialite.

Speaking in an interview, TT said he wasn’t prepared for the interview in which he said Ayisha Modi gave him GHC600 and drinks.

He further added that it escaped his memory so he verified from his son who keeps the record of the donations people make to him and his son confirmed Ayisha Modi sent someone to give him GHC5,000.

After TT came back begging for leftovers and financial support again in viral audio which was sent to MzGee but found itself on the internet, the controversial socialite came out blast Psalm Adjeteyfio.

Ayisha Modi wondered how he could squander over GHC90,000 plus other cash donations herself and others gave him just 4months ago.

TT responded back and claimed the staunch fan of Stonebwoy only gave him GHC600, this resulted into a heated argument between the actor and Modi.

However, TT has finally come out to apologise to her after the latter cursed him for lying about the money she donated to him.

Watch the video below and listen to TT’s apology;

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