Victoria Lebene Is In Dubai; She Stole Photos From Google To Fake Her Honeymoon In Europe (photos)

Ghanaian Actress and model, who doubles as the wife of blogger Eugene Nkansah – Victoria Lebene has been busted for lying to the masses on social media about her luxurious honeymoon in Europe – well she lied about it all, let’s break it down.

Recall our first post about her honeymoon in Greece? Well, your favorite actress shared a breakfast photo of herself with her post location indicating she is in Greece, yes, Greece ooo. But she was busted after several checks indicated she had downloaded the photos from google to deceive her followers.

After her followers had wisen up, she blocked her comment session and turned her location off – lol, thinking she’s smart.

Now let’s go deep a little into how she has been lying and deceiving masses about this honeymoon that she wants to paint a beautiful picture out there.

First, she shared a photo of glass house photo in Albania, indicating that she took it or staying there and captioned it “HOLIDAYS🤭 #countrytrips #longvacys”. It’s not only that, she actually changed her LOCATION to Tirania, Albania, to solidify her lies that she is having a super expensive honeymoon there.

Why would anyone go through the stress of posting such a photo from Albania and also deliberating changing her location to state that she is in Albania—if not to actually lie to the world that she is indeed there?

From Albania, she posted another photo with the caption ‘Waking up to a dream’ and this time she set her location to Rhodes Island, Greece.  Clearly, she was telling people she is out there, enjoying an expensive honeymoon and she had just woken up that breakfast. The photo is indeed from Rhodes Island, Greece but it was stolen.

Lebene faking being in Greece

Her followers including celebrities such as Nikki Samonas commented by saying, “wow”. “enjoy babe”, “marriage is good”, “lovely place” “happy honeymoon”, “you are living the life,” “beautiful view” and others.

A quick search of Google images of the phrase “breakfast at Santorini Greece” brings the same photo up which was uploaded by a resort many weeks ago.

The photo she stole

So, Lebene is a goddam liar!

Why do we say she is in dubai?

We all know Dubai is a wonderful place. But to Victoria Lebene, it’s pretty trashy place for honeymoon—and not where she actually wants for hers so she has been lying on social media that she is having a luxurious honeymoon somewhere else, and everyone had bought into it until I stepped in with my big hairy balls last night.

Two days ago, Victoria Lebene and her husband-Eugene Osafo Nkansah were spotted at Kotoka International Airport, heading to Dubai. Two independent sources, one at the check-in desk and another at the Immigration desk at the airport have confirmed this.

Another source, close to Lebene, has also said same—the newly wed are in Dubai for their honeymoon.

Guess what? This morning we sight a photo she posted with her LOCATION turned off this time. The photo had the caption: “made my special honeymoon Recipe : Home made vegetable & fish Sandwich with salad.”

Why is her location turned off this time around? Because, this photo is truly her current situation and taken at where she is.

Lebene’s posting…

The photo itself confirms it that she is in Dubai. In that photo is a bottle of ‘Al Rawabi Guava juice’—this is a popular juice in Dubai and the Arab world. You can zoom in on the photo, check the name and put it into Google search.

The juice from Dubai

Now, the question is: why the lies and social media faking to give people unnecessary pressure? If your husband can afford a trip to Dubai, enjoy it or reject it—and stop making him look stupid with those fake lifestyle postings.

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