Salma Mumin Calls Out Victoria Lebene Over Fake Honeymoon Photos

Victoria Lebene is currently in a hot soup for pulling – if reports are true – one of the worst celeb stunts ever. Earlier, reported on how the actress is reported to have downloaded an image from google as her honeymoon photo.

Yesterday, Victoria Lebene posted a photo of a nicely set breakfast in a location believed to be Santorini, Greece. The geolocation of her post was also set to Rhode Island. However it was soon discovered that she had stolen the photo off the internet and was deceiving her gullible followers.


Victoria Lebene’s post

Realizing she had been made out, Lebene turned off the comment section but later restored it after she felt the storm had blown over.

However it hadn’t. She posted another photo which is also ostensibly from her vacation. another and captioned it;

I made my special honeymoon recipe, homemade vegetable and fish sandwich and salad”

One thing peculiar about her ‘honeymoon’ photos is that she never shows her face or her husband’s

Many of her followers including Salma Mumin, an Actress and socialite were not buying her deception any longer demanded to see her face.

She wrote;

Madam show your face


Salma Mumin’s comment

Several other Ghanaians were demanding  the same as the lies were obviously getting out of had. They clamoured, madam just show us your face in one of those ‘honeymoon’ photos.

But we all know she can’t. Now the question is why do Ghanaian celebs fake?

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