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Nigerian Politician, Dino Melaye buys a Lamborghini for her 11-year-old daughter to mark her 11th birthday

Money talks!! Nigerian politician, fashionista and lover of luxury cars; Dino Melaye has dashed his 11-year-old daughter, Mary Melaye, a Lamborghini to celebrate her 11th birthday.

This information landed on the internet after the overly happy daughter who thought she was day-dreaming after the huge birthday present was given to her by the dad shared the photos of her new toy on her IG page.


Her aunt who was also awed by his brother’s gargantuan gift to her niece commented under the post with the words below;

I watched you grow, carried you on my back when you cry. Am so happy for the woman you are turning into. You shall be greater than your dad. And hope you have started driving your ride


“Get money or die trying” – 50 Cent.




Source: Gossips24.com

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