Benedicta Gafah Busted For Wearing Fake Hips

I LOVE GOSSIPS! Fake it until its real, and Kumawood actress, Benedicta Gafah is actually faking it everywhere.

A new photo of actress Benedicta Gafah with new huge hips has fans talking. has sighted a new photo of Kumawood actress Benedicta Gafah looking so different from her previous looks.

Gafah is seen with a new body, and anyone who sees the picture, will have their attention first drawn to her hips.

Checks by revealed that Gafah had actually shared the photo to her own Instagram.

However, she disabled the comment section to avoid questions, attacks, and criticisms from her fans. T

This could mean that the actress herself is aware that the photo could cause an uproar on social media.

The hips look very large in the photo and many of her fans believe that it cannot be natural.

Some of them say with the way it is looking, it could better pass for a hip mattress not pad.

Others also believe she has visited Obengfo to have a body like her acting colleague Moesha Bodoung.

Kay, an Instagram user, for instance called it “hip mattress”: kay_t.d.h: “Hip mattress paaa o.”

Milly also called it “ashfoam”: _milllyrock: “Ashfoam o.”

Dee said Gafah is fortunate for having turned off the comment section, saying she would have been insulted: deefashionablylate: “Thank God she turned off the comments cus today insult paaa herh… Hips looking like sponge Bob square pants ahhh.”

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