Ayisha Modi slams Funny Face’s family for roasting Kwaku Manu

Ayisha Modi is the latest celeb to comment on the ongoing feud between Kwaku Manu and Funny Face’s family. The Music investor and artiste manager, Aisha Modi has dropped her clear intentions to discontinue every form of support she usually renders to persons within the entertainment industry.

This follows after Kwaku Manu was accused of taking advantage of Funny Face’s depressing situtaion to cash out from YouTube by sharing his pschatric video on his channel.

According to Ayisha Modi, Funny Face’s family is very ungrateful denting Kwaku Manu’s hard-earned reputation whiles he was trying to help a brother and an industry person.

She wrote;

Welcome to Ghana where hypocrisy and ungratefulness is the order of the day… why is it that we always pay less much attention to serious situations and but when people risk their time and energy trying to support and solve, we still talk bad about them? Do you guys know those playing vital roles behind the scene to support our brother Funny Face’s condition?
“Where did Kwaku Manu go wrong trying to support his friend with love and kindness? Where were the people who claimed they are his family and friends? How much attention did they give to Funny Face? We should learn how to appreciate people when they are alive

Highlighting instances where the likes of Ebony, Dasebre Gyamena among others were not eulogized until their demise, Aisha bemoaned the trend in which Ghanaians do not support each other until they die.

When people like Ebony, Dasebre Gyamena, etc were alive, it was hard to hear their good deeds. We always wait for the bad thing. From today, me Ayisha, I have closed my heart for Ghanaians. Mark it; from today, I am not going to support anyone. This is the time I have to focus only on my family and those close to my heart so that the disrespect and ungratefulness will end. We can’t continue to sacrifice our time and money on people and later turn evil to them. Sometimes, getting lost is one of the best ways to find your destination. I have love for people who wish me well, I always see the good in everything. Sorry to put you through all this Kwaku Manu Great job done and I am super proud of who you are Kwaku. Love you bro,”

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