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Actress Omotola Renders Apology for Inconsiderate Comments on Toll Gate Killings

Actress Omotola has rendered an apology for a tweet she made concerning the killings of protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate.

”If People died during the Lekki Toll Assault, let their people speak out please and if there were No deaths then enough with the sensationalization because it does not remove from the Crime that happened. PEACEFUL PROTESTERS WERE ATTACKED. WHY? BY WHOM! #EndImpunityinNigeria”. was the tweet she posted earlier as a reaction to the killings.

This tweet attracted some negative reactions as Nigerians did not find it pleasing at all. They referred to the comments as heartless.

As it is said that it is only a fool who refuses to change his mind, the actress has apologised to her country folks that her comments were from a different context.

”I hope you know I don’t doubt people died! I hope you understand that we need to collate these now and not continue with the I’m disappointed I’m leaving talks. Get Angry again. We Can’t stop.” She posted.

After her apology, Omotola posted a video in which a doctor was testifying that shot protesters were brought to his hospital.

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