You will fail in Music if you depend only on God’s anointing to shine – Anita Afriyie

Beautiful Gospel singer, Anita Afriyie seems not believe in the power of God as Christians are told that it has the potency of solving all problems under the sun and beyond.

According to Christian believes and doctrines, God alone is able to do everything for his people according to his wishes and desires

But, the Gospel singer has disputed this by saying God’s anointing alone is not enough to make an artiste make it in the competitive music industry.

Speaking on Kumasi based Fox FM in an interview monitored by, the famous singer said “I disagree with those who say we musicians have made the singing a business. This is because, in every work, no matter how anointed you are if you do not have money, your anointing will be wasted”

Anita Afriyie stressed, “It’s somebody who will push you to fame and that person is going to use money to promote you. Therefore if your promoter does not invest in the music, you cannot make it”

According to her, even at TV stations owned by pastors one has to pay money before you can get airtime to promote ones music.


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