SM fan mocks Kwaw Kese over none of his songs nominated in the 3Music Awards

None of Kwaw Kese’s songs appeared in the just-released 3Music 2019 nomination list. This has really started creating controversies since Kwaw Kese is angry about this. Because of this, Shatta Movement fans are mocking him just as he did to their boss a few weeks ago.

The ball that Kwaw Kese threw sometime ago is heading right back at him. Kese mocked Shatta Wale several times after the “Reign Album” was launched. He even did a video to say the “Reign Album” was wack that was why the songs on it were not being played on air.

Few hours after Kwaw Kese blasted 3Music Awards a Shatta Movement fan replied,

“Hahahahahahah……….I swear even ur mum saf no de play ur song for house u want award ………LIKE THEY PUT U INSIDE AAAAAA LIKE GOD NO DEY”

It seems the SM fans are more than excited with the turn of events. Check the screenshot below.


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