You People Behave as if Ghana is a ‘Toy’ Thats is being Joked With- Dr. Nyaho Blast His Npp Gov’t

Former Ghana Ambassador to Serbia and Motenengro and astute member of the new patriotic Party has registered his disappointment in the incumbent government.

He notes that there is now huge difference between Akuffo Addo searching for power some two decades ago and now the President of the Land.

Speaking on Accra-based TV3, Mr Nyaho-Tamakloe said, “They behave as if Ghana is a toy that is being joked with. But that is not the case. This is a nation, with people in it.”

In his opinion, Nana Addo and his government have failed in many sectors of the country. He believes the current administration has failed the fight against corruption woefully.

” especially where you talk of corruption. Series of examples are clear cases that should be sent to court [but nothing],” he said on Wednesday.
“The Special Prosecutor has been in office for over a year now; tell me, what he has done?” he quizzed.

Meanwhile the retired army captain observes that Nana Addo has lost track because people that can point out mistakes are pushed away but remaining ones around him are those who ‘sing praises ‘

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